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Lecture Schedule

2007 Fall

 No.Chapter  Lecturer
 1 Second quantization Yoon Sup Lee
 2 Spin in second quantization Yoon Sup Lee
 3 Orbitals Yoon Sup Lee
 4 Exact and approximate wave functions Hyoseok Kim
 5 Standard models Hyoseok Kim
 6 Atomic basis functions Yoon Sup Lee
 7 Orbital expansions and Gaussian basis sets Jeewon Kang
 8 Molecular integrals Young Choon Park
 9 Hartree-Fock theory Eunae Choi
 10 Configuration-Interaction(CI) method Song Hui Han
 11 Multiconfiguration self-consistent-field(MCSCF) method Joonghan Kim
 12 Coupled-cluster (CC) theory Yoon Sang Shin
 13 Perturbation theory Min Hee Park
 14 Density functional theory Inkoo Kim
 15 Calibration of electronic-structure models Yoon Sup Lee