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Quantum Chemistry 2

CH604 Quantum Chemistry II (2007 Fall 3:0:3(3)) 

Quantum chemical calculation can compete with experiments for small molecules, can be performed for molecules for which no experimental data are available, can supplement experimental data, and can offer explanations for stability, reactibity and various other properties. Combined with other modes of simulations, computational approach is becoming an ubiquitous tool even in chemistry research. This course provides deeper look at applicability and limitations of modern electronic structure theory of molecules. 

Instructor: Prof. Yoon Sup Lee

- Office: 1103, Natural Science Building 

- Tel: 042-869-2821 

- e-mail: YoonSupLee@kaist.ac.kr 

- Lecture Hours: 11:00 - 12:15 Mon. & Wed. 

- Text: T.Helgaker, P.Jorgensen, "Molecular Electronic Structure Theory", John siley & Sons Ltd. 

- Lecture Notes: (http://qclab.kaist.ac.kr)

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